First blog post

Since WordPress is pressuring me, I’ll create my first blog post.

I just recently moved to DC and pass the CityCenter shops everyday on my way to work and always wanted to check it out, but didn’t have a reason to. I’ve recently been eyeing a few handbags pretty hard, and used this as my excuse to check this place out. Luckily, my best friend works in DC and was free Friday evening to spend a few hours window shopping with me. We went pass a few stores, but my favorite was Gucci. I finally got to see the Dionysus and all its beautiful glory in person. This bag is seriously gorgeous! The sales rep was nice enough to pull out all different sizes and designs for us to look at (knowing we weren’t going to be purchasing anything).  I’m really loving the mini version.

Gucci Dionysus mini

After that, we went to Dolcezza Gelato and both ordered delicious Vanilla Bean Lattes.


I didn’t leave the shops empty handed! I decided to buy the new “Spice Things Up Camel March” card holder from Kate Spade. I’ve been wanting to downsize my big bulky wallet for a long time now, and loved the design of this one.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 7.22.37 PM

I definitely will be taking another trip to CityCenter, maybe then I’ll get to try out one of the restaurants there.

** While drinking lattes, I heard this song and tried to use Google to help me find the artist. Google let me down but luckily some nice lady over heard me talking about it and told me it was a remake of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak which helped me find it. It was redone by London Grammar, I love them! Heres a SoundCloud link to listen:


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